What Unites People Under Communism?

When the economy is collapsing and everything turns to chaos, how do the communists unite all the leftists, immigrants and clueless people under their banner?

They do it by forcing a reaction. They want us to blame the immigrants and the clueless, they even want us to blame the Jews. They want us to be angry, that special really ugly type of angry and most of all they need us to be misunderstood. They need an emotional reaction from us and then emotional reactions from the immigrants and left.

Somebody is going to have to exercise some self control and do what needs to be done, which means not lashing out or fleeing in fear. That somebody is us, not only because it is the right thing to do but because it's also the only way we and sanity can prevail.

What Unites People Against Communism?

Just wanting to survive would be a good reason. Wanting to be free would be another. Knowing the truth would be the best reason and it's by telling the truth and being believed that we can stop this criminal insanity and save lives.

How Do I Explain The Problem Without Being Missunderstood?

There's probably nothing that's 100% foolproof, however the website Rivers of Blood: Why Enoch Powell Was Right! is excellent, just tell people to visit it.

This explanation is also available as a helpful booklet on Amazon for 2.75.

Thank You!